Retirement Savings Plan benefits for employees

When you offer the ​Retirement Savings Plan, your employees can access a range of plan features that enable them to save in ways that best meet their retirement goals.

When employees participate in the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), they automatically have access to a range of plan features through our partner Fidelity Investments. These features enable plan participants to save in ways that best meet their retirement goals, increasing the overall value of the plan.

Market-leading plan features

  • Employees have the flexibility to make pretax contributions, Roth after-tax contributions, or both.
  • Managed accounts are an optional, fee-based service that allows participants to work directly with Fidelity to create a customized portfolio, recognizing individual goals and risk tolerance.
  • Fidelity BrokerageLink provides participants with access to more than 10,000 mutual funds beyond the funds offered through the plan (additional costs and loads may apply).
  • Auto enroll and auto increase features allow employers to direct a percentage of employee wages to the Retirement Savings Plan and/or increase employee contributions automatically, unless the employee opts out. These features can help boost employee contributions early and regularly to keep them on track for financial well-being in retirement. (Payroll system must meet Fidelity criteria.)
  • A loan feature allows employees to access a portion of their account, and to repay the loan by direct deduction from their bank account over a specified period (limited to one loan at a time). This repayment arrangement eliminates the need for an employer to deduct loan repayments by payroll deduction, saving the employer work, time, and additional administrative responsibility.
  • Hardship withdrawals are permitted in certain cases of financial hardship.

Variety of fund options

The Retirement Savings Plan offers a variety of fund options so participants can comfortably invest in a way that best meets their specific goals.

  • 12 options that span the risk spectrum, which include:
    • two socially responsible options
    • a fossil fuel-free global fund
  • 14 target date funds that invest based on the participant's anticipated year of retirement

Low fees

The Retirement Savings Plan provides an outstanding value for employees. Participants pay an administrative fee of $3.75, which is well below the national average, deducted quarterly from their accounts.

Personalized service and support

Expert education and advice. Fidelity representatives are available to provide participants with one-on-one education and advice over the phone.

Easy-to-use online tools. When Retirement Savings Plan participants log in to the Fidelity website, they not only have access to account management features; they also have access to tools and educational resources in the Planning Summary. Here, participants can create a retirement plan, review their progress, learn about next steps to stay on track, and more.

Dedicated customer service. Dedicated customer service teams at both the Board of Pensions and Fidelity are specially trained in church plans to meet the needs of Retirement Savings Plan participants.