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Our commitment to wholeness

We are each called to wholeness — to holistic well-being — so that we may live a life of plenty. That's why our benefits and programs, which are based on A Theology of Benefits, foster the wholeness of our members in four key areas:


We become more spiritually whole when we nurture our relationship with God through worship and prayer, and with others through fellowship and service.      


The health we have is a gift from God, and we honor God when we care for it by eating well, exercising often, and preventing illness and injury.


Financial stability reduces stress and allows us to care for ourselves and others. It frees us to be generous and faithful stewards of all we have received.


God gives us unique talents and abilities ― gifts meant to be used in service to others. Being well vocationally is to be a faithful steward of these gifts.

What is wholeness?

Rev. Lori Neff LaRue, Vice President, Education, discusses what it means to achieve wholeness in all areas — spiritual, health, financial, and vocational — in order to live our best lives and to flourish.

Lifelong learning through Board University

We uphold the Presbyterian value of lifelong learning. Our educational opportunities through Board University — including e-learning, webinars, seminars, and more — focus on spiritual, health, financial, or vocational well-being to help individuals pursue wholeness. Browse Board University offerings.

Featured learning opportunities


A primary resource for health and wholeness in the Church, CREDO provides PC(USA) ministers with opportunities for personal reflection, learning, and renewal.

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Well-Being Respite

For the second year, Board University will host Well-Being Respite, unique online opportunities for members to step away from their daily routine and focus on wholeness.

Give & receive

The Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions embodies our connectional Church at its best through grants provided to those in need — and supported by the donations of generous individuals.

In 2023, the Assistance Program distributed 1,502 grants for a total of approximately $7.6 million.

Answer the Call to Health

Call to Health is an annual well-being program that encourages you to develop and maintain healthy habits in each of the four dimensions of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. By participating in activities called challenges, you can work toward becoming your best self — and qualify for reduced medical deductibles.

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