Financial Protection Programs

These programs provide employees and their families with financial protection and security at times when they may be most vulnerable. Understanding the importance of caring for members at these critical times, we offer a range of death and disability benefits.

Death and Disability Plan 

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This comprehensive plan offers peace of mind and financial security through death and disability benefits. 


Term Life Plan

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Provide employees not offered coverage through the Death and Disability Plan with the security that comes from knowing their loved ones will have coverage. This low-cost term life coverage is not age-rated, and no evidence of insurability is required. 


Temporary Disability Plan

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This plan provides partial income to employees if they become unable to perform regular work duties because of a short-term sickness or injury.


Long-Term Disability Plan

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This plan provides important financial protection if an employee is unable to work due to a sickness or injury that extends beyond 90 days.


Supplemental Death Benefits

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This coverage is available to members with Death and Disability Plan or Term Life Plan coverage. It provides benefits in addition to the death benefits provided under those plans.


Supplemental Disability Benefits

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This coverage can provide extra financial protection to members enrolled in the Death and Disability Plan whose salary is at least $120,000. These benefits replace the part of an employee’s salary not protected through the Death and Disability Plan.