Death and Disability Plan

This comprehensive plan offers peace of mind and financial security through death and disability benefits.

Death benefits

How death benefits work

Death benefits protect your eligible survivors from unexpected loss of income if you die. This coverage is provided through the Death and Disability Plan, and may include several components, depending on your employment status when you die: active, disabled, retired, or vested in the Defined Benefit Pension Plan but no longer working for a PC(USA) employer. The Term Life Plan is a separate plan and not part of the Death and Disability Plan.

Using death benefits

Generally, your employer is responsible for the cost of death benefits coverage and for your enrollment with the exception of supplemental death benefits coverage. You, a family member, or other authorized person must report the death of a covered person to the Board of Pensions as soon as possible.

Disability benefits

Disability benefits coverage

Disability benefits provide a monthly income and continued benefits coverage if you are sick or injured and unable to work. Generally, the monthly disability benefit is equal to 60 percent of effective salary (up to the $110,000 maximum) or the applicable median, whichever is more.

Supplemental disability benefits coverage

Supplemental disability benefits can provide extra monthly income if your salary is more than the amount protected by standard disability benefits through the Death and Disability Plan. Generally, supplemental disability benefits can replace 60 percent of effective salary in excess of the amount protected under disability benefits coverage (up to $330,000 in 2023*).

*Limit for 2024 will be published when released by the IRS.