Third Act Seminar & Luncheon

Third Act is a complimentary luncheon and seminar focusing on a particular aspect of wholeness in retirement.

"This seminar was of the highest caliber. From worship, through the two speakers, the time for interaction; everything was top-notch. It was nice 'to be noticed' and to hear something that was of vital interest! Good job, all!"


Seminar participant/inquirer

The journey toward wholeness lasts one's entire life — even, or perhaps especially, in retirement. The Third Act Seminar & Luncheon focuses on a different topic each year related to that journey.

At this seminar, you can:

  • gather insights into topics relevant to the third act of your life
  • receive benefits updates from your local Church Consultant
  • break bread and enjoy fellowship with retired colleagues 

Who's eligible

Retired plan members, spouses, surviving spouses, and guests