How Call to Health works

To answer the call, log on to Call to Health and complete required and optional activities on your well-being journey. You can qualify for reduced medical deductibles for the following plan year and even earn gift cards when you achieve certain levels.

Call to Health encourages healthy habits in four areas of wholeness: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. By answering the call, you benefit by participating in activities that help you work toward becoming your best self. And, you can earn points and reach certain levels to qualify for gift cards and reduced medical deductibles for the next plan year.

Why is a reduced deductible better?

A reduced deductible can soften the blow of unexpected medical costs — like an outpatient procedure or emergency room visit. In these situations, you must first pay the annual deductible before the Medical Plan pays benefits. The lower your deductible, the less you pay out-of-pocket before the plan pays benefits.

Who’s eligible to participate?

Active members and spouses who have PPO, EPO, or HDHP medical coverage through the Board of Pensions are eligible to participate in Call to Health.

The program is not available to employees or spouses enrolled in Triple-S, GeoBlue, or the Humana Group Medicare Advantage PPO plan.

Start your journey

You answer the call by completing activities that focus on self-care in all dimensions of wholeness.

The first step is to register for Call to Health.

Completing activities

To join Call to Health activities, log on to the Call to Health website and select the Discover tab. (To access the Discover page on the mobile app, go to the compass symbol at the bottom, next to the home symbol.) There you will find required activities, activities recommended for you based on your Well-Being Assessment, and other activities you’ve participated in, plus new activities from the Board of Pensions. Once you join an activity, it will be added to your homepage under My Activities.

To earn Call to Health points, log back on within two weeks of completing an activity to record it. Select the activity tile, click Get Started, click on the visit or completion date, and click Track to receive your points. Except for your preventive exam, you must record completed activities within two weeks.

Track your progress by clicking My Points at the top of the homepage. To access the My Points page on the mobile app, tap your profile image in the top left corner, then go to My Points. To see what you’ve done so far, click or tap Points History.

There are three levels you can achieve when you participate in Call to Health. In addition, employees who register on the Call to Health website for the first time and complete the Well-Being Assessment receive a $50 Tango card, which can be redeemed for gift cards or used to make charitable donations

Level 1: Answer the call

Complete the following activities to earn at least 1,000 points: