Retirement Savings Plan employer advantages

​The Board of Pensions understands our employers' unique challenges and has designed the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to meet your specific needs.

Reduced risk

The Board of Pensions brings to its fiduciary role the expertise of its in-house Investments team. This team is responsible for oversight of more than $12 billion of investments that support benefits plans and programs, including a defined benefit pension plan. The fiduciary responsibility you own as plan sponsor of your current retirement savings plan is significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

Ease of administration

We provide all required regulatory notices. Annual testing services are available: 415(c) and 402(g) compliance testing are conducted through resources at Fidelity and the Board of Pensions.

Greater value

Turnkey design. When you offer the Retirement Savings Plan, we take on most of the administration of the plan for you, including plan design, fund selection, fee negotiation, and investment management oversight.

Expertly curated investment portfolio. Our highly skilled in-house Investments team, in partnership with Fidelity, selects funds from the institutional class pricing to ensure competitive fees. These funds span investment styles and the risk spectrum with proven performance track records to offer long-term advantages to participants.

Key decisions in your hands. You decide what's best for your organization. We ensure the Retirement Savings Plan works for you and your employees by offering you complete flexibility in determining:

  • employee eligibility
  • employer contributions
  • employer match structures
  • vesting schedules (for employers who qualify)

Dedicated customer service and communications. Dedicated customer service teams at both the Board of Pensions and Fidelity are specially trained in church plans and easily accessible to employers. Additionally, the Board of Pensions provides Retirement Savings Plan-specific communications for you and your employees.