Employee Assistance Plan support for employers

Employers have access to no-cost services through the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP). The EAP provides assistance with workplace issues ranging from employee performance to natural disasters as well as management training seminars to help employers support employees.

Employers of employees with access to the EAP are eligible for these services. 

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The Board of Pensions partners with Cigna to provide the EAP to eligible employees and their employers. The following services are available to these employers through the EAP. 

The Employee Assistance Plan toolkit has information for employers about the resources available to them through the EAP, as well as brochures, handouts, flyers, and more they can share with employees to raise awareness and increase usage of the EAP. 

Management consultations 

The EAP provides management consultation services at no cost to employers when

  • a problem surfaces or a crisis strikes;
  • you are unsure of how to handle a situation;
  • an employee's work is suffering because of personal concerns; or
  • you are concerned about an employee's welfare.


Management consultation services fall into four categories:

  • Informal referrals. For employees who are eligible for the EAP, you may suggest they contact the EAP (for self-referral) to help them deal with personal problems that aren't yet affecting their work performance.
  • Formal management referrals. Make a formal management referral to the EAP for an eligible employee to get help with personal issues that are beginning to affect work performance. A referral to the EAP can be mandatory and a condition of the covered employee's continued employment.
  • Crisis response services. These services, which may be delivered by an EAP consultant onsite, can help you handle the impact on work of any event that may cause psychological stress or trauma, such as major organizational change and workforce reduction, natural disasters, or an employee death or serious illness.
  • Guidance for other concerns. Examples of other concerns that the EAP can help with are job performance issues, such as absenteeism and interpersonal conflicts, potential substance abuse, and sexual misconduct.

To request management consultation/crisis response services, call the EAP at 866-640-2772 and ask to be put in touch with an employee assistance consultant.

Management training webcasts

As part of the EAP, Cigna presents management training seminars throughout the year via national webcast. Led by mental health experts, EAP management training webcasts provide techniques to help managers support employees as well as cope with challenges faced by leaders in today's workplace. You can view on-demand replays of these webcasts on your computer, laptop, or smartphone at a time that's convenient for you.

Follow these steps to view on-demand replay webcasts:

  1. Log onto the Cigna webcast portal.
  2. Scroll down or click Management training to browse the on-demand management training section.
  3. Click the Register/Attend button and the webcast will play.

You can also attend live webcasts, held Wednesdays at 2 p.m. ET throughout the year. To register and see other scheduled topics, log onto the Cigna webcast portal and scroll to the Upcoming Live Webcasts section.

In addition to management training, Cigna also presents monthly wellness webcasts. You can find a full calendar of management training and EAP wellness webcasts in the Employee Assistance Plan toolkit.