Disability benefits

When disability keeps an employee out of work for an extended period of time, disability benefits provide financial protection and support.

Disability benefits, offered as part of the Death and Disability Plan, provide financial protection and support to members who become unable to work because of disability. The Board of Pensions partners with Lincoln Financial Group to administer these benefits.

Coverage details

Key features of these benefits include the following:

  • A monthly payment is provided generally equal to 60 percent of the member's effective salary.
  • Maximum salary protected is $110,000. Supplemental disability benefits are available for employees with effective salaries greater than $120,000.
  • When a member is approved for disability status, benefits payments begin after a 90-day waiting period or when the member's salary or severance payments end, whichever occurs later.
  • In addition to monthly disability income, other benefits, such as medical, death, and supplemental death benefits, may be continued during an approved disability.

In addition, the Board of Pensions provides each disabled member with personalized support for the duration of the disability. This support includes a designated disability specialist at the Board of Pensions and a designated case manager at Lincoln.

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Eligibility to participate

Employees enrolled in the Death and Disability Plan are eligible for disability benefits.

Costs for employers

The Death and Disability Plan is paid 100 percent by the employer. Dues for this coverage are 1 percent of effective salary if offered with Defined Benefit Pension Plan enrollment, or 2.5 percent of effective salary if offered without the Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

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