Death and disability benefits

The Board of Pensions offers a range of benefit options that provide financial protection in the event of death or disability.

You can provide employees and their families with income protection and security at times when they may be most vulnerable. Understanding the importance of caring for members at these critical times, the Board of Pensions offers a range of death and disability benefits:

  • The Death and Disability Plan is a comprehensive plan that includes benefits for beneficiaries and eligible survivors in the event of a member's death; benefits for members who become unable to work because of disability; and optional supplemental death and disability benefits for additional protection.
  • The Term Life Plan is a low-cost way to offer security and peace of mind to employees who are not enrolled in a comprehensive coverage plan. This plan is available in tiers from $5,000 to $50,000, at a lesser cost than your employees could secure on their own.
  • Supplemental death benefits are optional coverage available to members with the Death and Disability Plan or the Term Life Plan. It provides benefits in addition to the death benefits provided under those coverages.
  • Supplemental disability benefits, optional coverage available to members in the Death and Disability Plan, provides extra income protection for employees whose salaries are greater than $110,000, which is the maximum salary covered under the plan.*

*Because disability benefits under the Death and Disability Plan protects the first $110,000 of a member's salary, employees must have an effective salary of at least $120,000 to purchase supplemental protection.

Interested in offering death and disability benefits? Here's what to do next.

For current employers

If you currently offer benefits through the Benefits Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), you may elect this benefit when you update your Employer Agreement on Benefits Connect for the following year. Employer Agreements are usually available for updating beginning in July through October. 

For new employers

If you do not currently offer benefits through the Benefits Plan and would like to learn more about its features and how the Board of Pensions serves employers, call our Employer Services team at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) (TTY: 711) to discuss how we can best meet your and your employees' needs.