Pastor's Participation

Pastor's Participation is a comprehensive benefits package designed to meet the healthcare and retirement needs of ministers.

What's included

Pastor's Participation includes the following coverage. The total cost for employers to provide this comprehensive package is 39 percent of effective salary:

Full family PPO medical coverage for 29 percent*
 Defined Benefit Pension Plan for 8.5 percent
 Death and Disability Plan for 1 percent
 Temporary Disability Plan for 0.5 percent

*Subject to the minimum annual dues amount of $12,500 and the maximum annual dues amount of $36,000.

Cost-sharing for other benefits 

Employers must also offer the following benefits to ministers enrolled in Pastor’s Participation. An employer may, but is not required to, contribute to the cost of these benefits:

Employers also may offer flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to ministers in Pastor's Participation. Two types of FSAs are offered: healthcare and dependent care.

**An employer matching contribution to the Retirement Savings Plan is not considered part of effective salary, so the employer cost for dues-based benefits (such as medical coverage in Pastor's Participation or Defined Benefit Pension Plan participation) is not affected. (A fixed employer contribution to the Retirement Savings Plan, as a percentage of pay or a dollar amount, is considered part of effective salary and included in the calculation of dues).

Assistance and education programs

Pastor's Participation provides access to the following programs*** that help cultivate wholeness and nurture ministries:

  • Board University
  • Assistance Program, including Minister Educational Debt Assistance, Minister Debt Relief, Emergency Assistance, Adoption Assistance, Transition-to-College Assistance, and Sabbath Sabbatical Support

***Member must meet program eligibility requirements. 


Employers are required to enroll all ministers in an installed position in Pastor's Participation. Ministers in non-installed positions who are regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week may also be enrolled in Pastor's Participation.