Temporary Disability Plan

The Temporary Disability Plan offers the financial protection of continuing part of your income on a short-term basis if you are sick or injured and are unable to work.

If you are sick or injured and unable to work, the Temporary Disability Plan provides weekly income for up to 90 days from the date of your disability. Benefits may begin after you have been disabled and are unable to work for 14 consecutive days. The Board of Pensions partners with Lincoln Financial Group to administer these benefits.

Definition of disability

For purposes of the Temporary Disability Plan, being disabled means that you are unable to perform your regular work duties because you are sick or injured. Lincoln Financial must certify all disabilities.

Amount of benefits

Generally, your temporary disability benefit is equal to 60 percent of your effective salary (up to the IRS annual compensation limit); the benefit is paid weekly. Disability benefits are reduced by income sources such as state-mandated disability benefits and workers' compensation.

These benefits may be available for up to the first 90 consecutive days of your disability.


If you participate in Pastor’s Participation or Minister’s Choice, you will automatically be enrolled.

If you do not participate in either benefits package, your employer may

  • automatically enroll you and pay for the coverage; or
  • offer the benefit for you to elect during Annual Enrollment, and you pay the cost.


Either you or your employer may pay the full cost for temporary disability benefits coverage. If your employer pays the cost, temporary disability benefits are taxable when they are paid to you. If you pay for the coverage on an after-tax basis, temporary disability benefits are tax-free when they are paid to you.

When benefits begin

Once you apply for temporary disability benefits, if your disability is approved, payments begin after you are out of work as a result of the disability for 14 consecutive days.

When benefits end

Disability benefits end

  • when you are no longer disabled;
  • when you return to work;
  • after you have been disabled for 90 consecutive days;
  • if you do not comply with plan requirements; or
  • if you die.

Your temporary disability benefits may also end if you start receiving long-term disability benefits in connection with your disability or when you are no longer eligible for this benefit.

Ongoing review process

Lincoln Financial reviews these benefits periodically during your disability and may ask for documents that verify your continued disability. To continue receiving benefits, you must undergo required evaluations, follow prescribed medical treatment, and provide requested documentation.

Other benefits during disability

A valuable feature of this coverage is that the benefits you have as an active employee through the Board of Pensions will continue during your disability, subject to Benefits Plan rules and your employer’s policies.

Your employer will advise you of your cost for benefits while you are disabled.

Applying for and receiving benefits

You may apply for benefits if you are unable to work for more than 14 consecutive days while recovering from an illness or injury as long as a physician certifies your disability.

For planned absence, for example, elective surgery such as knee replacement, you may apply up to 30 days before the first day you are absent from work.

To start the application process, call Lincoln Financial at 888-970-2487 or log in to the Lincoln Financial website and select Report a New Claim. The first time you log in, you will need to register using the code: BOARDPEN.


If your application for temporary disability benefits is denied or your temporary disability benefits end before 90 consecutive days of disability, you have the right to appeal.