The THRIVE seminar takes a holistic approach to retirement planning. Participants are educated and engaged in personal financial planning as part of a larger exploration of identity, health, and vocation in retirement. THRIVE is available in two formats: as an in-person seminar, and as an online, multiweek offering.

Rooted in A Theology of Benefits, THRIVE — short for Thinking Retirement: Identity, Vocation, and Economics — covers subject matters such as financial planning and retirement healthcare options.

THRIVE is taught by Board of Pensions educators and other experts throughout the country. It includes interactive and hands-on learning opportunities.

"I would recommend the seminar because it provides reminders of issues I had not anticipated fully and answers to specific questions I had asked elsewhere but had not been able to have answered. It also gave me dedicated time to thinking critically about retirement issues." 

— Seminar participant/inquirer

Who it’s for

THRIVE is designed for Benefits Plan members who are 10 or fewer years away from retirement, as well as their spouses or surviving spouses. This includes part-time employees who are enrolled in any benefit from the Benefits Plan.

What you’ll learn

In this seminar, you will:

  • identify key questions for discernment in planning for retirement
  • assess finances, including options for saving before retirement, and develop appropriate expectations for retirement living
  • discuss spiritual, physical, and mental health issues related to aging
  • create next steps in areas essential to well-being:
    • identity
    • vocation
    • economics
  • discover tools and resources for do-it-yourself retirement preparation
  • acquire knowledge to confidently transition to, and ultimately thrive in, retirement

Upcoming seminars

Aug. 22-23, 2024
Montreat, NC (IN-PERSON)
Registration launches on June 12, 2024.

Sept. 26-27, 2024
Presbytery of Middle Tennessee (IN-PERSON)
Registration launches on July 22, 2024.

Sept. 30 through Oct. 29, 2024 (VIRTUAL)
Cohort 1: Monday evenings, 7 to 8:30 p.m. ET, Sept. 30 to Oct. 28
Cohort 2: Tuesday afternoons, 2:30 to 4 p.m. ET, Oct. 1-29
Registration launches on July 29, 2024.

Oct. 30-31, 2024
Decatur, GA (IN-PERSON)
Registration launches on Aug. 26, 2024.

Nov. 7-8, 2024
Princeton, NJ (IN-PERSON)
Registration launches on Sept. 9, 2024.

Nov. 12-13, 2024
Presbytery of Detroit (IN-PERSON)
Registration launches on Sept. 16, 2024.