Retirement Conversations

Transitioning into and beginning anew in retirement doesn’t happen well by accident. Thoughtfulness, intentionality, and proper planning are key. Doing the hard work of reflecting on the implications for our sense of identity and how we will find meaning and purpose — as well as ensuring that we’ve carefully considered our financial resources and plans for healthcare — are essential components of planning for retirement.

Retirement Conversations is designed to leverage Board University’s on-demand educational offerings that address key concerns related to retirement transitions. This online content is intended to be a launching point for more in-depth live engagement, focused discussion, and Q&A with others who are on the same trajectory, as well as Board University educators.

The following retirement topics will be covered:

  • identity
  • retirement income streams, including Social Security
  • Medicare and other post-retirement medical options
  • housing considerations in retirement
  • vocation and transitioning well

Retirement Conversations is open to plan members, spouses, and surviving spouses within one year of retirement.

Online content

Participants will be asked to complete the following online courses, accessible on Board University’s e-learning site, in advance of the two conversation sessions:

Required content: approximately 3 ¼ hours

  • How to Optimize Your Retirement Income Streams (60 minutes)
  • Putting Together the Puzzle: Exploring Medicare and Post-Retirement Medical Options (60 minutes)
  • Housing Allowance (17 minutes)
  • Beginning Anew: Finding Wholeness in Retirement (30 minutes)
  • Leaving Well: Navigating Transitions in Ministry and Work (20 minutes)

Optional content: approximately 4 hours

  • Long-Term Care Coverage: Which Option Is Right for You? (50 minutes)
  • Estate Planning for Ministers (60 minutes)
  • Financial Fraud [Financial Preparation for Aging Parents] (60 minutes)
  • Wholeness Approach to Housing (14 minutes)
  • Health in Retirement (11 minutes)
  • Pillars of Lifelong Health (36 minutes)

Conversation sessions

Program schedule

Session 1: Orientation Session (30 minutes)

Session 2: Conversation Session 1 (90 minutes)

Session 3: Conversation Session 2 (90 minutes)

Note: Sessions 2 and 3 are held on the same day, two weeks after the orientation session.

Upcoming conversations

October conversations

Session 1: October 5

Sessions 2 and 3: October 19

Registration is closed.

November conversations

Session 1: November 7

Sessions 2 and 3: November 21

Registration is closed.

January conversations

Session 1: January 10

Sessions 2 and 3: January 24

Registration launches December 6.

Please email for registration information.

About the educators

Retirement Conversations will be moderated by Board of Pensions educators Jacqueline Boersema, Director, Financial Education, and the Reverend Lori Neff LaRue, Director, Board University.