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​​​​​Board University provides members of the Benefits Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) with e-learning opportunities on a variety of topics that promote wholeness.

Retirement Conversations

Retirement Conversations is a new, on-demand educational offering from Board University that addresses key concerns related to retirement transitions. This online content is intended to be a launching point for more in-depth live engagement, focused discussion, and Q&A with others who are on the same trajectory, as well as Board University educators.

For more online learning opportunities, explore our webinar offerings

Board University provides e-learning opportunities to members of the Benefits Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) — at no additional cost. These modules address a variety of topics that promote wholeness in the four dimensions of well-being: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational. ​

E-Learning offerings

The following e-learning content is available through our benefits management website, Benefits Connect, in the e-learning content library (login required). Visit the content library often to check out new offerings.


  Let's Talk Investments

For all members of the PC(USA) and affiliates

The Let's Talk Investments course explains basic investment concepts and educates the learner on how to research various investment products. You will learn about risk tolerance and risk capacity, diversification asset allocation, common investment products, taxation of investments, and the advantages of using investments for charitable giving. You will also learn how to research stocks, mutual funds, and exchanged traded funds to learn more about investments you are considering, whether recommended to you by an advisor or as an investment option in your 403(b), 403(b)(9), 401(k), or IRA.

  Clergy Tax: Stay Informed

For pastors, seminary students, personnel committee members, and church treasurers and administrators

The Clergy Tax course explains tax laws that are unique to ministers, such as dual tax status, reporting self-employment income, and housing allowance. The course also addresses tax laws that are applicable to all taxpayers — such as imputed income, business expenses, and accountable reimbursement plans with a focus on clergy and churches — and provides guidance on how best to minimize taxation on these topics. The course provides housing allowance and quarterly estimated tax worksheets, a sample accountable reimbursement policy, resources to help file a clergy tax return, and criteria to consider when selecting a tax preparer.

  Personal Financial Planning series

For all members of the PC(USA) and affiliates; available as standalone courses or combined in one learning path

The Personal Financial Planning series equips you to create personal financial statements and goals; develop a budget and calculate financial ratios; establish an emergency fund and understand debt-reduction strategies; determine how much to save and invest for goals; understand the importance of FICO ratings and how to improve your scores; and understand different retirement savings vehicles and how to maximize retirement savings. This series is available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

  Terms of Call series

For pastors, church treasurers and administrators, personnel committee members, and mid council leaders; available as standalone courses or combined in one learning path

The Terms of Call series addresses topics such as understanding and determining effective salary; explaining A Theology of Benefits for medical, retirement, and death and disability coverages; saving for retirement in the Retirement Savings Plan of the PC(USA); understanding the tax rules and qualifying expenses for a clergy housing allowance; learning the advantages of accountable reimbursement plans; explaining the various tax-advantage accounts available; and describing categories to consider when negotiating time away. This series is available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

  Affording College course

For members who are planning for a child's college education

The Affording College course is designed for those who are planning for a child's college education and are concerned about the escalating cost. This course will inform you about various options to fund college; provide tools to help you build a college savings strategy; explore various ways to fund college through personal savings, government aid, scholarships, and tax education credits; and equip you to estimate future college costs and determine a savings or investment plan to help you reach this financial goal.

  Leaving Well: Navigating Transitions in Ministry and Work series

For members who are discerning a vocational transition at any stage of their career; available as a learning path

The Leaving Well: Navigating Transitions in Ministry and Work series is designed to equip those serving in various contexts and types of positions — congregational ministry, church staff, church-related organizations and agencies — to navigate vocational transitions at any stage of their career and to leave their current positions well.

The courses in this learning path explore topics such as laying the foundation for understanding change and transition, engaging the discernment process, leaving well, and beginning anew.

As you navigate this learning path, you are invited to complete the Leaving Well course that is most appropriate for your current situation — Leaving Well: Church or Church-related Work or Leaving Well: Congregational Ministry.

 Beginning Anew: Finding Wholeness in Retirement

For members preparing to transition into retirement and retired members learning to live into this new season of life

The Beginning Anew: Finding Wholeness in Retirement course explores topics such as identity, relationships, vocation, health, and resilience, and provides opportunities to engage in various reflection and visualization exercises. This course is an expansion of course five, Beginning Anew and Finding Wholeness, in the Leaving Well: Navigating Transitions in Ministry and Work learning path. An essential component of transitioning well into retirement is preparing to cross the threshold and embrace a new beginning.

A​​ccess modules

Members and employers who have a user ID and password for Benefits Connect, our benefits management website​, can access the e-learning modules through the portal.

  1. Log in to Benefits Connect.
  2. Choose Board University at the top of the page.
  3. After clicking on Board University, you will be automatically directed to our learning management system. All modules can be accessed through the content ​library.

If you are eligible for e-learning opportunities through Board University and do not have access to Benefits Connect, you can request access by completing​ this form. Those eligible include spouses, members employed by an organization affiliated with the PC(USA) or Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad (KPCA), seminary students, and others. ​

Contact us

If you have questions about eligibility for or accessing Benefits Connect, call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) (TTY: 711). 

If you have any issues accessing the e-learning modules, email the Education team. You will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.​