Prescription drug benefits

The Board of Pensions provides enhanced prescription drug benefits with all medical coverage options. These benefits, which include reduced out-of-pocket costs for select preventive prescription drugs, reflect our commitment to employees’ well-being.

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Enhanced prescription drug benefits are included with all medical coverage options — PPO, EPO, and HDHP — and reflect the Board of Pensions’ ongoing commitment to employees’ well-being. These benefits are offered through our partnership with Express Scripts. Quantum Health provides personalized support when members have questions about prescription drug benefits or need help understanding how to use them

Cost savings for members

Express Scripts offers a national network of participating pharmacies, including a mail-order pharmacy, and maintains a formulary of preferred prescription medications. Through our partnership with Express Scripts, we ensure that the drug formulary gives members the greatest cost savings.

Prescription drug benefits include reduced out-of-pocket costs for select preventive drugs that are highly effective in preventing or managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Members in the PPO and EPO medical coverage options pay a reduced flat-dollar copay for these drugs; members in the HDHP medical coverage option pay only a flat-dollar copay with no deductible for these drugs.

Members can save on their out-of-pocket costs for covered drugs by selecting generics or formulary brand drugs (only the PPO covers non-formulary drugs) and using the mail-order service when appropriate. Additionally, within certain drug classifications (e.g., antivirals, beta blockers) medications are offered in multiple tiers; members can lower out-of-pocket costs by using a lower-cost tier.

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Costs for employers

There is no additional cost to employers for the prescription drug benefits. They are automatically included with coverage when you choose to offer the PPO, EPO, or the HDHP.

Generous preventive care benefits

​For those enrolled in the Medical Plan, the preventive care benefit covers 100 percent of the plan allowance for eligible preventive screenings and immunizations with a network provider and is not subject to a deductible.

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