Working with a Personal Care Guide nurse

If you’re enrolled in the PPO, EPO, or HDHP, your benefits include access to Personal Care Guide nurses through Quantum Health. Personal Care Guides are nurse advocates who work directly with you and your healthcare providers to help ensure you receive safe, high-quality care.

If you or your covered family member has a serious health condition, a Personal Care Guide can help with managing it, and there’s no cost to you.

Working with a Personal Care Guide helps you when you

  • have questions about a diagnosis or a care plan your provider gave you;
  • have frequent or prolonged hospital admissions;
  • are managing a chronic condition and require ongoing healthcare services in your home; or
  • need ongoing care in outpatient settings.

How it works

Your Personal Care Guide helps you get the best available treatment when underlying health conditions are complex or challenging. They can assist you by

  • helping you understand the care resources available to you;
  • coordinating and helping arrange medical services for you; and
  • providing education and support for you and your family.

Based on claims information, you may be contacted by a Personal Care Guide who will work with you and your physician to facilitate approval for medically necessary covered services. Your Personal Care Guide will also help evaluate treatment needs and options under the direction of your attending physician. Conversations with your Personal Care Guide occur at least monthly, if not more frequently, and continue until your health goals and needs are met.

To learn more, or if you think you could benefit from working with a Personal Care Guide, call Quantum Health at 855-497-1237.