In rare instances, reporting a change of address through Benefits Connect can affect Benefits Plan coverage.

When relocation affects medical benefits:

Unlike Benefits Plan members in the United States who have medical coverage through Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield, missionaries serving the Church in other countries enroll in GEOBLUE medical coverage, and members in Puerto Rico have coverage through Triple S. If one of these members (and/or eligible family dependents) were to move to the United States (or vice versa), a Board representative would contact them directly to handle the transition of coverage from one plan to another.

When relocation affects dental benefits:

When dental coverage is offered by the employer, members are eligible for at least one of the available options (PPO, DMO, or Passive PPO) — depending on where they live. When a member reports a change of address in Benefits Connect that would affect the dental coverage options available to them, a Board representative will contact them directly to review options and process applicable changes in coverage.