How to use Benefits Connect for employees

​Benefits Connect is the benefits website of the Board of Pensions. It is used by both employers and employees in the Benefits Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to access benefits information and perform a variety of functions.


As an employee of a PC(USA) congregation or affiliated organization, you have convenient and secure access to Benefits Connect for the following:

  • Review personal, dependent, benefits, and service information.
  • View and update contact information.
  • Add or update beneficiaries.
  • Enroll for benefits when you first join the Benefits Plan.
  • Update benefits selections during the annual enrollment period or as a result of a qualifying life event.
  • Estimate your pension benefits.
  • Search for additional information through the Resources & Support option at the top of every page.
  • Send inquiries to, and respond to requests from, the Board of Pensions.

Registering for Benefits Connect

If you are new to Benefits Connect, here's how to register:

  • Go to Benefits Connect.
  • Select I am a new user on the Benefits Connect login page.
  • Select I am a member.
  • Enter your Social Security number, last name, birth date, and ZIP code, then read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter a User ID and password (click on the blue question marks for setup tips).
  • Send inquiries to, and respond to requests from, the Board of Pensions.

Making your elections in Benefits Connect

Electing benefits through Benefits Connect is easy and convenient. Just follow these steps:

  • Log on to Benefits Connect and select My 2023 Benefits.
  • Use the Next button at the bottom of each page to go through the enrollment steps and review your choices and costs. When you have moved through all enrollment screens once, you will then be able to use the progress bar at the top of the page to move between steps and benefits before submitting your elections.
  • Review dependents and add, or remove, eligible family members for coverage.
  • Important: When adding a family member, you will need to provide required documentation (e.g., marriage license or birth certificate) and information such as birth dates and Social Security numbers.
  • Elect coverage. Review your elections and costs, even if you are not making changes. Find helpful information about your benefits options under Resources on most Benefits Connect pages.
  • Review your designated beneficiaries (if applicable), using the drop-down next to each name for Primary, Secondary, or Not Designated. If needed, choose Add Beneficiaries (you will need to enter the person’s birth date and Social Security number). Note: During annual enrollment, any beneficiary updates must be completed through the annual enrollment process. Beneficiary updates will be effective once submitted.
  • Review/Submit. Review your elections and costs, then choose Submit Enrollment to complete the process. Be sure to print and save the confirmation for your records. Your benefits elections will not be saved until you choose Submit Enrollment.

After submitting elections

  • If you added eligible family members or applied for supplemental death benefits coverage, it’s important to check My Inquiries & Requests on your Benefits Connect homepage. There, you can verify that all documentation is submitted and accepted, check for updates on supplemental death benefits coverage, and respond to questions from the Board.
  • If your employer offers the Retirement Savings Plan of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) (RSP), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), and/or a health savings account (HSA), enrollment is not through Benefits Connect. If you are eligible for and interested in the RSP, and/or an FSA or HSA, please see your employer for required forms and enrollment instructions.

Using Benefits Connect throughout the year

  • If your address, phone, or email address changes, be sure to update your contact information in Benefits Connect (select About Me, then My Contact Information) so the Board of Pensions can stay in touch with you.
  • Whenever you need information, you’ll find resources and support, quick links, and access to benefits service providers in Benefits Connect.
  • If you have a qualifying life event (such as marriage, or the birth/adoption of a child), you must use Benefits Connect to report the event within 60 days. You will receive an email prompt to submit required documentation, select benefits, and update your beneficiaries. If a qualifying life event is not reported within 60 days, you must wait until the next annual enrollment period to select benefits for eligible dependents.
  • Your employer will use Benefits Connect to report any changes in your service or employment status. When a change affects your eligibility for benefits, you will automatically receive an email prompt to select benefits and update your beneficiaries in Benefits Connect.


Benefits Connect is protected by multiple firewalls and uses 128-bit encryption (HTTPS) to protect your information as it is sent across the internet. This technology protocol is often used to protect payments and other sensitive transactions in corporate information systems. The Board of Pensions also uses multifactor authentication to strengthen the log in process and protect user data.


If you have questions about your eligibility or accessing Benefits Connect, call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN).