How much you’ll pay for the Dental Plan

In addition to paying your share of the cost for covered dental services, there is a monthly cost for dental coverage.

There is a monthly cost for dental coverage.

  • The cost of DMO dental coverage varies based on the level of coverage you select (member only, member + spouse, member + children, or member + family).
  • The cost of PPO dental coverage is determined by the level of coverage you select, as well as local costs. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have been assigned by Aetna to one of five groups based on average dental costs for PPO coverage. Your employer’s location will determine which group rates are applicable for PPO coverage in your area.  

Your employer may, but is not required to, contribute to this cost.

Use the Dental Benefit Rate Checker to see the monthly and annual rates for the dental options available to you.