Using death benefits

Your employer is responsible for the cost of death benefits coverage and for your enrollment with the exception of supplemental death benefits coverage. You or a family member should report the death of a covered member to the Board of Pensions as soon as possible.

How to enroll for death benefits

Your employer will enroll you for death benefits coverage through the Death and Disability Plan, if offered to you. You do not need to enroll; however, you must designate a beneficiary on Benefits Connect.

If your employer offers supplemental death benefits coverage to you, you may, but are not required to, apply for coverage.

Your costs for death benefits

Your employer pays the full cost for death benefits under the Death and Disability Plan. You may not contribute.

If your employer offers supplemental death benefits coverage, and you enroll, you may have to pay some, none, or all of its cost.

Applying for and receiving benefits

Generally, when your family member or survivor reports your death to the Board of Pensions, the Board sends a Death Benefits Claim form to your spouse, beneficiary, and, when applicable, covered dependents. The Board will pay benefits once it receives a completed form, a copy of the death certificate, and any outstanding pension and/or disability overpayments, if applicable.


If your beneficiary(ies) disagree with a death benefits decision, he or she may appeal. The appeals process is described in Guide to Your Death Benefits.