Call to Health testimonial from Brian Yount

"Call to Health has offered our family direction and given us some tools we desperately needed."

​There are certain years you never forget, and for me and my wife, 2017 was one of those years. I graduated from seminary, accepted my first call, moved to a new city, and got married! Everything was new. I was figuring out how to be a pastor and a husband. My wife was discerning what she was called to do in our new city. There was a lot of excitement, and we were enjoying the start of this new life together. But to be honest, we both felt like our heads were barely above water. Pastoral responsibilities could have easily dominated my time. My wife wondered if she would find a job that provided her meaning and purpose. We both felt anxious about getting our marriage off on the right foot. We wanted to do everything right, but there was so much to get right that we often felt directionless. We needed guidance and structure. We needed something that would provide direction and wise counsel about the many questions we were asking. And thankfully, I started to peruse Call to Health.

Here was a source that offered tremendous resources about all those things that give us trouble, concern, and anxiety. Call to Health has offered our family direction and given us some tools we desperately needed. I'm most grateful for all the financial resources available on Call to Health. As a young pastor, fresh from seminary and just married, the financial resources have made us feel more confident about our money and future. Thanks to these resources, I'm keeping track of all my spending and have a clearer picture of our financial goals and obligations. We are in a better position to pay off student loans and start making the necessary decisions to enjoy a secure retirement. All in all, Call to Health has helped our family navigate some tough questions and build confidence about what's ahead.

— The Reverend Brian Yount