How to enroll in Medicare Supplement

​When you retire, your medical coverage through the Board of Pensions ends. If you are eligible for Medicare and about to retire, contact the Board of Pensions to discuss your eligibility for Medicare Supplement coverage.

When you retire, you may enroll in Medicare Supplement if you

  • are Medicare-eligible (generally age 65 or older);
  • meet the Rule of 70 (see below);
  • are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B; and
  • have had continuous coverage under a qualified health plan until you are eligible for Medicare Supplement coverage (see Continuous coverage requirement).

To meet the Rule of 70:

  • You must be age 55 or older when you terminate eligible active service.
  • You must have at least five years of Medical Plan participation.
  • The sum or your age and years of Medical Plan participation at termination must equal 70 or more.

To enroll in Medicare Supplement coverage, you’ll need to complete the personal information, subscription, and authorization portions of the Medicare Supplement Enrollment, Waiver, or Withdrawal form. This form is included in the personalized retirement packet you receive after you notify the Board of Pensions of your retirement date. Three to six months before your retirement date, call the Board at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN) to request a packet. Submit the completed, signed form at least 45 days before your retirement date, but no later than 60 days after your last day of medical coverage through the Board as an active employee.

Family members who may enroll

These family members also may enroll in Medicare Supplement, regardless of whether you choose to enroll when you are eligible:

  • your spouse or eligible child(ren) who has maintained continuous coverage and is enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B
  • your surviving or former spouse who has maintained continuous coverage and is enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B

Continuous coverage requirement

You must meet a continuous coverage requirement in order to enroll for Medicare Supplement coverage. The medical coverage you had through the Board while actively working typically will meet this requirement if you retire at age 65 (or later) and enroll in Medicare Supplement coverage right away.

If you retire before age 65, you will need to maintain continuous coverage through another qualified health plan, such as medical continuation coverage through the Board or a spouse's employer's health plan, until you turn 65 and are eligible to enroll in Medicare.

If you are not yet eligible for Medicare but want to enroll in Medicare Supplement coverage when you are, you must either continue coverage under medical continuation or preserve your right to enroll at a later date by filing a waiver.

Your ID cards

After you enroll in Medicare Supplement, you will receive new ID cards for medical and prescription drug coverage. You should destroy your old cards and carry the new ones — in addition to your Medicare card — for emergency and routine use.

Note: if either you or your spouse is covered under Medicare Supplement while the other has medical continuation coverage, each of you will have your own medical and prescription drug ID cards with unique identification numbers.


If you withdraw from Medicare Supplement coverage in order to join a Medicare Advantage plan (a Part C plan under Medicare), you may be eligible to re-enroll in Medicare Supplement

  • during the first 12 months of your participation in a Medicare Advantage plan;
  • if you make a permanent move out of the Medicare Advantage plan service area; or
  • if your Medicare Advantage plan significantly modifies premiums or benefits or discontinues its coverage to Medicare-eligible participants.

Keep in mind that your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage must be restored before you can re-enroll in Medicare Supplement.

To apply for re-enrollment in Medicare Supplement coverage, you must provide the Board with the following — if not in advance, then within 60 days of disenrollment from (or termination of) your previous plan:

  1. The completed subscription section of the Medicare Supplement Enrollment, Waiver, or Withdrawal form. Be sure to include the name and Social Security number of each person to be re-enrolled.
  2. The termination date of coverage under a Medicare Advantage plan or other employer-sponsored plan (include a copy of the notification you received from the plan, if any).
  3. The date you wish your Medicare Supplement re-enrollment to begin (must be the first day of the month) and a copy of each participant’s Medicare card showing enrollment in both Part A and Part B. For information about Medicare Advantage plans, read the Medicare & You handbook on the Medicare website.

Important: You can choose to withdraw from and re-enroll in Medicare Supplement only one time.