Medicare Supplement costs

You pay a subscription rate, or premium, for each eligible person, up to two people.

Your cost of coverage is also known as a subscription rate, or premium. This rate, set annually, is lower than the actual cost to cover you because Medicare Supplement coverage is partially subsidized by the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry (for the prescription drug portion of the plan).

​Medicare Supplement costs ​ ​​2022
​Monthly cost of coverage
​Member and Medicare-eligible spouse ​​$550​$680
​Annual deductibles
​Annual deductible per individual (medical) ​​$310​$325
Annual deductible per individual (prescription) ​​$0​$0
​Annual maximums
​Medical out-of-pocket limit (includes deductible) ​​$2,485​$2,590
​Prescription out-of-pocket limit per individual​​$2,500​$2,500

If you are receiving a pension benefit, your monthly subscription for Medicare Supplement coverage is automatically deducted from your pension payment. If you are not receiving a pension benefit, or your pension does not cover the full subscription cost of Medicare Supplement coverage, you receive a monthly invoice.

If the Board does not receive your payment by the due date, your Medicare Supplement coverage will be suspended and your claims may be denied. To reinstate coverage, you must pay the full account balance within 30 days of the due date. Once your coverage is reinstated, you may resubmit any claims that were denied.