Participants bear witness to Call to Health

​As you resolve to be your best in the year ahead, you can gain motivation from your colleagues who are living the Call to Health.

With a new year of Call to Health* underway, it can be motivating to learn about the well-being journeys of others. Despite the challenges we all experienced during 2020, our members embraced Call to Health with its focus on self-care in all areas: spiritual, health, financial, and vocational.

Dozens of members shared their personal experiences as part of the Bear Witness to Call to Health challenge last fall. Here are three of their stories.

Rev. Kris Schondelmeyer

Rev. LaRue

"I am a young parent with two young kids, and one on the way. In the winter of 2019, I was frustrated that I felt so winded climbing a snow-covered hill to go sledding with my son. Then, the Call to Health (Well-Being Assessment) presented a glaring problem: I was considered obese and needed to lose weight. I remembered Call to Health's encouragement to visit a doctor, even when you are not ill, so I checked in with my primary care physician and under her guidance began a keto diet. I started on Ash Wednesday 2019, weighing 203 pounds. (As of August 2020) I am now around 150 pounds. I feel so much better, have more energy, and enjoy that I can wear clothes that haven't fit me since college.

I don't encourage everyone to try a keto diet. But I do encourage everyone to check in with their primary care physician to discuss a healthy diet, and to work on their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I also encourage you to find others to join you in achieving your health goals. That is what is positive about the Call to Health challenge; it ties us to a larger community of fellow Presbyterians who are all "Walking with God" toward a better, healthier life."

Rev. Sue Trigger 

Rev. LaRue

"When I first began participating, I struggled with making (Call to Health) a discipline. It felt like an extra burden. But over time I have found that it truly challenges me, in a positive way, to address areas of concern whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual health.

One of the most meaningful experiences for me has been the mindfulness program. Taking the time to learn how to practice mindfulness has been very powerful for me as I have dealt with some significant stressors in my life. Learning to breathe and be present in a moment of calm and quiet is life giving.

I am truly grateful for the Call to Health challenges and the many ways that it has helped me pause and reflect and simply take some time to take care of myself."

Chaplain Laura Stone

Rev. LaRue

"I practice the videos on Mindfulness Meditation myself and with coworkers and residents. All enjoyed it and we all felt stress relief. I will be showing the videos throughout our village, since COVID guidelines have been stressful on all.

I'm glad we decided to go with this program at work because, without it, I would have continued with an unhealthy lifestyle. The challenges keep me mindful and encourage others to join in the healthy activities, encouraging teamwork and camaraderie with my coworkers and introducing me to others who are like-minded."

Answer the call

What will your Call to Health story be in 2021? Log on to the Call to Health website and get started today on the path to a better you.