New tool makes completing your Employer Agreement even easier

July 08, 2021

Thanks to your feedback, completing the Medical Plan portion of your Employer Agreement in Benefits Connect is simpler than ever. Try this new spreadsheet, which eliminates the math behind getting your Medical Plan contribution percentages.

If you offer medical coverage through the Board of Pensions, as you complete your 2022 Employer Agreement, available on Benefits Connect from July 19 through October 8, you’ll be deciding how much to contribute toward the cost of employee medical coverage. Now it’s easier than ever to turn your dollar contributions into the percentages you need to fill in on the Medical page of the Employer Agreement.

With the help of the Contribution Spreadsheet, you’ll be guided through a few steps to get the numbers you need — no calculator required. Here’s how to use it:

  • From the Medical page of your Employer Agreement, look to the right side of the page for the Additional Information box titled Make the math easy, and click the link underneath.
  • Open the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will download to your computer (or download it directly here).
  • Follow each of the easy steps on the spreadsheet to walk through your Medical Plan choice(s) and contribution(s). Want to better understand the purpose or instructions for a specific spreadsheet cell? Hover your cursor over the cell for a full explanation of what you need to know and do.
  • Once you’re done checking your choices and entering your contribution amounts, you’ll see the exact percentages you need to enter on the Medical page of your Employer Agreement.

Questions or need help completing your Employer Agreement? Call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN), Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.