New, quicker path to submitting your Employer Agreement

August 06, 2021

It’s easy to carry over your 2021 benefits choices into 2022 with a new, one-button feature.

Your 2022 Employer Agreement is open now until through October 8, 2021, on Benefits Connect. In addition to the new contribution spreadsheet, you asked for a quick way to offer your current options for 2022. A new feature makes it easy.

While it’s always a good idea to review your benefit groups and all the benefits available through the Board of Pensions, you can start by reviewing what your Agreement would be with your current groups and selections at 2022 costs.

On the Start Here page, choose the No Changes to Employer Agreement button. You will be taken to the Review & Submit page showing your current benefits offerings with 2022 costs. This page shows all your organization’s benefit groups, choices, and costs. It also highlights groups that might be eligible for a benefit but who have not been offered it.

Consider your selections

Take a few minutes — and perhaps consult with other decision-makers in your organization — to make certain that you are offering benefits that meet the needs of your organization and your employees. Are there benefits you can offer that will have a low or no cost to your organization but might be valuable to employees?

You can click on each benefit from the Review & Submit page to learn more and/or update your selections. When you are confident in your selections, click Submit. Once you submit a 2022 Employer Agreement, you will no longer see the No Changes to Employer Agreement button on the Start Here page.

Remember, you can submit as many Employer Agreements as you want through October 8, 2021. The latest submission as of October 8 will be your final 2022 Agreement.

Need more information or guidance selecting the best options for you and your employees? See selecting benefits for 2022 or call the Board of Pensions at 800-773-7752 (800-PRESPLAN).