Tango cards offer Call to Health participants flexibility and choice

June 14, 2019
When you earn Tango cards through Call to Health, you decide how and when to use them. Redeem them for gift cards, donate to charitable organizations, or split the value and do both.

Have you heard about Tango cards? A Tango card is a digital gift card that Call to Health* participants earn by completing challenges to reach certain point totals. Employees who complete Call to Health by November 15, 2019, can earn as many as three $50 Tango cards, while covered spouses who complete Level 1 receive a $100 card.

What’s unique about the Tango card is that you decide how and when to use it.

  • You can redeem it for gift cards from national retailers selected by the Board of Pensions for their focus on healthy living and well-being. There are more than a dozen vendors to choose from, including Amazon, Foot Locker, Nike, and Whole Foods.
  • You can donate the value of your Tango card to charitable organizations, such as Clean Water Fund, Special Olympics, and the Nature Conservancy.
  • You can even split the value of your card and spend it on any combination of gift cards and charities.

When your Call to Health point total reaches the amount required for a Tango card, you’ll receive an email from the Call to Health team with a Reward Link to redeem your card. Once you activate the link, the value of your card is available immediately. And, there’s no expiration date, so you can use your Tango card when — and how — you want.


So what are you waiting for? Log in to the Call to Health website today and answer the Call to Health.

*Call to Health is available to employees and their spouses with medical coverage through the Board of Pensions; it is not available to members enrolled in Triple-S, GeoBlue, or the Medicare Supplement Plan.